Garden Towers - AMENITIES

Living Green in Makati

The Garden Towers live up to its name as a building integrated with green spaces in its surroundings. Its sunrooms as well as floor to ceiling windows covering the living room and dining areas of its units also serve to reduce energy spent on lighting maximizing the use of daylight readily available for us to harness. The abundance of sunlight also allows the choice for residents to sustainably maintain indoor plants without worrying of the plants wilting from the lack of natural light. The green wall at the drop off point forms part of the seamless transition between the Garden Towers and the Palm Promenade.

Sustainability is also in mind when it comes to common areas employing sustainable lighting materials as well as the maximized use of natural ventilation. This necessarily reduces the overall energy consumption of the building making it more environmentally friendly consistent with the needs of the future.

Efficiency partners sustainability not only in energy consumption but as well as in the layout of the whole building. The floor plan of each unit maximizes the floor space without sacrificing style and elegance. Dedicated service elevators and entrances also ensure that efficiency trickles down to the services with service personnel attending to residents’ needs unhindered by any unnecessary delays.

Attention to the garbage disposal system also illustrate how Garden Towers and its developer, Ayala Land Premier, observes not only proper but conscientious garbage disposal with a centralized garbage disposal system as well as a material recovery facility serving the building and its residents.

Living the Garden Tower life

Living in Metro Manila is often associated with congestion and pollution of the crowded sprawling metropolis. Garden Towers provides a stark contrast with its sustainable alternative for you. Its location at the heart of Makati is conducive for business opportunities with all of life’s necessities and luxuries being a few minutes away. Nearby premiere schools and universities provide educational opportunities for you and your family ensuring a bright future especially for your children. Hospitals being a short drive away ensures your health needs and emergencies can be addressed with ease in a matter of minutes.

Moreover life would be exhilarating with an array of recreational activities for those who prefer a slow paced stroll and an active lifestyle alike. Cultural hubs such as museums, art spaces, and parks ensure access to cultural activities and exhibits to provide a break from daily life with spaces conducive for deep thought and introspection, sharing of ideas, and appreciation of beauty. Numerous cinemas, bars, restaurants, shops and boutiques will give you a number of choices on how to enjoy a hard day’s night and mornings.

You can own a unit that features an efficient and sustainable design fit for your own lifestyle supported by the amenities provided by Garden Towers with prices ranging from P21.7M to P98.7M, a wise investment for your holistic development and sustainable developments in general.

  • Garden as a main features
  • Pool with pool deck with shower/locker rooms
  • Function Rooms
  • Fitness center with shower/locker rooms
  • Service entrance for personnel
  • Loading Dock
  • Garbage Room
  • Garbage chute
  • Mailroom/Package Room
  • Concierge
  • Security Room
  • Drivers Lounge
  • Property Management Office
  • Leasing Office
  • Materials Recovery Facility
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